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Oxygen concentrator Common FAQ and things to know before order

Common FAQ's and things to note before ordering

·      Don't have ready stock so we are not able to provide to the critical need patients. God bless all and save all. Amen! All the stocks and even personal machines have been deployed to save people already

·      We are only taking orders on advance booking through orders online with expected delivery dates later in the future

·      If you have a critical patient and you can arrange a machine before we can give your order please purchase we can refund your money. Our priority is saving the lives of people.

·      We don’t do hoarding or black marketing don’t ask us to give machine early on premium.

·      We do not rent machines only New machines we sell

·      The Whats-App and contact no on the website are overloaded with call and request, we cannot handle this much flow currently thus you can Whats-App us for anything regarding the order and we will reply within 3-6 hours

·      Please order timely as shipments have limited quantities and there is exceeding demand. Thus if you Order late you may get an increased delivery date.

·      Rates are also fluctuating along with delivery time thus don’t accept old rates at the time of order.

·      We advise ordering as soon as possible to get better rates and machines timely.

·      Cod or payment against pick not available. We are accepting orders through the website only.

·      We are only booking full adv as a huge amount of capital is involved in arranging these machines and supplying to the customer we can only hold your machine if we get a full advance.

·      Your payment is safe as we are a reputed company with the operation since 1975 and over 10 permeant locations in Delhi. we have over 5000 positive reviews on Google, Just dial, Indiamart. We are a known player in the lighting industry and any contact in the lighting industry can vouch for us. Having said that your payment is secure and we have a refund policy if we cannot supply goods.

·      All the product details are mentioned in the website right now cannot clearly question regarding the products. Please check the page and watch all the videos properly for any clarifications.

·      The Convenience charge at the check-out are the payment gateway charges. Which they levy for safe and smooth payments.

·      If your payment Fails and money deducted from our account don’t worry it will be refunded from your bank side. By any chance of double payment is made we will refund your excess payment.

·      We advise making an account before purchasing and not do guest checkout as you can track your order better and make changes to it.

·      Any communication regarding the order can be put in the comments

·      GST bill can be available mention in comments with Gst and company details

·      Any delay in the shipments and delivery date are totally out of our hands.

·      We can refund your payment if we are not able to make the machine available for dispatch or pick 1 week after the promised delivery date.

·      Check on the product page for an expected delivery date of the machine before ordering.

·      We don’t have any other machines available except mention on the site.

·      Please don't hold us responsible for any loss caused to you due to unforeseen delays.

      ·      This is an except product as it comes in essential commodity, delivery will be possible in lockdown also.

Oxygen concentrators Warranty Terms

  • If the machine is damaged due to high voltage, the warranty will be void 
  • Use only with a good quality high low voltage cut off stabiliser to protect the device from the damage
  • We will cover any problem with the machine, by providing/replacing the parts inside the machine.
  • The parts are currently in huge shortage due to the oxygen crisis. Whenever the condition resolves we will keep the parts & filters in stock with us,  which can be used for providing you with the service of the machines. 
  • Spare filters are consumable and will be available for you on sales once they are in stock after the issue resolves.
  • Onsite service valid for Delhi NCR only, for the rest of the location we may provide you parts, using which you can get the machine replaced by a technician.

 Register the warranty of your oxygen Concentrator