Resvent BiPAP 30st (avaps) with Humidifier Ready Stock

Resvent BiPAP 30st (avaps) with Humidifier Ready Stock

Resvent is a high-Quality Bpap that can be a life-saving product in this time as it is used to make patient forcefully breathe in case of serious respiratory failure thus it is also called a non-invasive mini ventilator. This is also commonly used in sleep apnoea.  



·      Can save lives by enabling the seriously ill patient to breathe

·      Prevents medical emergencies

·      Can prevent unnecessary hospitalization

·      No dependency of oxygen cylinder

·      Can help nursing homes & hospitals treat COVID-19 patients better

·      Secures your family against COVID-19

·      It is like medical insurance and makes sure you get treatment on time and save huge hospital bills

·      Help manage COVID-19 patients at home

·      Back-up Plan if there is no availability of space in Hospitals


Key Highlights

 ·      Unique 5 inches touching technology supported with knob navigation eliminate all barriers between seeing and using.

·      With the help of timely waveform display function, more respiratory specifics of the patient can be presented to the clinicians.

·      Advanced ventilation algorithm in synchronization gives the patient a real brilliant experience of the free breath.



Modes               -


Pressure Range-

IPAP 4-30 cm H2O

Brand                 -


Usage                -


Power                -

220 Volt

Model Number/Name-

Resvent iBreeze 30 ST with AVAPS

Product Specification:-

CPAP pressure range     -

4-20 cmH2O

IPAP pressure range       -

4-30 cmH20/30 cmH20

EPAP pressure range      -

4-20 cmH20

AVAPS(only for 30ST, 30STA, Tech)


Static pressure accuracy -

0.5 cmH20

Dynamic pressure accuracy-

1 cmH20

PS (Pressure support)        -

0-10 cmH20 (only for 25A,

Respiratory rate                  -
(Backup frequency)

25STA, 30STA, Tech)

Rise Time                            -

0-50 bpm

Inspiratory trigger sensitivity-

Min 150-900 ms

Expiratory trigger sensitivity -

Auto, 1-5

CSS (Cluster scheme setting)-

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