Chandeliers are an essential component used to elevate the living room design that none other décor elements can offer. This not only illuminates the living space but even serves as an inspiring centrepiece that is used to make a bold statement. There are vast collections of chandelier options that need to be wisely selected from the contemporary market. The eye-catching look can be provided with the selection of classic crystal designs or mid-century modern concepts or rustic industrial styles. One can even go with shabby-chic concepts or luxurious modern trends. The chandelier that creates statements is considered to be sizable and striking that is sure to grab glances and compliments. So, it is important to choose beautiful lighting pieces from the stores of LED lights suppliers in Delhi who are admired to offer light that fits more aesthetically and even get verified as the focal point of living space. Here in this blog are a few of the stunning statements in terms of chandeliers that are useful as quotient design and add drama and glamour to space. 

Agnes chandelier: This is a contemporary idea that has been introduced in the mid-century as the most amazing lighting design that is used to brighten up the interior of the house in a delicate manner. It is the modern design rendering the suspension light features with the addition of white glass tube that is supported with the brass gold branching structure which can enhance the interior décor that is useful to make a unique statement. 

Candelic chandelier: This is the idea that is inspired by the design of traditional candelabra style in which the chandelier is featured with a cylindrical central body. This structure is supported with 50 arms having light bulbs. The vintage design chandelier is featured with the exposed wires that provide the structure rustic and raw appearance. 

Chime Chandelier: This chandelier is featured with contemporary style that comes in a three-tier arrangement of crystal prism in the form of spiral fashion. It is a modern design that is enhanced with the suspension offered with accents of gold and even sparkles and appears glamour for the home interiors. 

Modo chandelier- This is a mid-century modern chandelier inspired by the hub and spoke design rendering a modern touch that takes the retro industrial style of lighting. Moreover, the incandescent bulb addition offers a smoky glass globe that is beautified to turn around for appreciation. One can buy crystal chandeliers online in India from Jainson lighting where one can find all to date a pattern of lighting. 

Branching discs chandelier- It is an exclusive vivid statement chandelier that is featured with the sleek acrylic white discs that are admired to render diffused ambient lighting which provides light to the entire space. Gold steel plating in the structure provides inspirational natural elements that can be adjusted and even rotated in a multitude of ways. 

Thus, these are the amazing concept of chandelier lighting not only is evocative but at the same time is impressive lighting pieces. This light is a boom burst feature that is playful and sophisticated to render material and finishes. This assortment is a collection of bold designs that offers a unique statement that is installed above.