UVC Air Disinfection System for HVAC - UVC Air Disinfection System for HVAC

-41% UVC Air Disinfection System for HVAC - UVC Air Disinfection System for HVAC

Order now the cheapest and best way to disinfect the indoor air and safeguard against COVID-19.

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1-year Warranty. Tried and tested technology from years to disinfect indoor air. Boston university validates Philips tube used inside kills COVID-19


UVC Air Disinfection system for HVAC is the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to disinfect the in indoor air in a building. It is proven COVID-19 is Air born and other air porn deceases can be trapped inside closed airconditioned spaces causing spreading of infection, thus it is required to disinfect this air for protection. This system used UVC lights installed on the coils to kill all the germs passing in the system. If this is not present a biofilm of germs and pathogens is formed in the coils which inhibit cooling and put a strain on the system by consuming more electricity. Moreover, this is a breeding spot of germs and cause more contamination in the building. So once we use this system we are able to break this biofilm and increase the efficiency of the HVAC system. It has quick payback as it saves a lot of electricity. This is a customised system made in India designed as per the user's requirement and space. We use Philips signify tubes of 254 nm with highest germicidal properties and Philips ballast that have been used for 35 years and certified to kill all germ. Boston University has also verified that Philips signify tubes disinfect COVID-19 effectively. The applications are in every large building which used central air conditioning like, schools, offices, malls, showrooms etc

4 tubes of 4 feet 36w of Philips Signify. with Philips ballast. Stainless steel 302-grade steel to avoid rusting. Ballast stored in a secured box. reflector on the back of the tubes to increase the light delivery on the coils.

Key Highlights

·      The solution is completely customised as per the requirement.

·      Safety Best and quickest way to disinfect indoor air and make sure any airborne germs don’t float in the indoor building

·      Reduces risk of indoor infection more than 90 per cent.

·      Continuous mode of disinfection without any manual labour required

·      Philips signify UVC lamps used that are certified by Boston university to kill covid-19. it is being used for 35 years are proven to kill all germs with an efficiency of 99.9%.   

·      Keeps the HVAC coils free form Biofilm thus increases the efficiency of the Air conditioner and saves huge electricity. It has a quick payback time.

·      This is the most eco-friendly and safest way to disinfect without any use of any harmful chemicals or disinfectants.

·      Totally customised and made in India as per customer demand.

·      We offer a 1-year warranty on the system. It is easily maintainable and has a running life of around 10000 burning hours.

·      It is used in various large building with central air conditioning fitted like schools, malls, hotels, hospitals, restaurants etc



Technical specs

·      Wattage: 120w ( 4 tubes of 36w)

·      230v Ac input 50Hz

·      4 feet wide,  4 ft length

·      Steel 302-grade body for rust resistance

·      Reflector on the back of the tubes to maximise light output to the system for better disinfection.



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