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Philips Chandeliers

Philips Chandeliers
Brand: Philips Model: Philips 581963 Inlay Pendant Clear Crystal Gold E14
Premium crystals for sparkling lights Premium aesthetic elegant gold finish Modern design to compliment home decor Order no: 919215851005..
Save Rs 8,625.00 Rs 57,500.00 15% Off
Rs 48,875.00
Ex Tax:Rs 41,419.49
Brand: Philips Model: Philips 581964 Naica Chandelier MSS titanium gold black
Premium crystals for sparkling lights Premium aesthetic elegant titanium gold & matt black finish Modern design to compliment home decor Order no: 919215851006..
Save Rs 8,475.00 Rs 56,500.00 15% Off
Rs 48,025.00
Ex Tax:Rs 40,699.15
Brand: Philips Model: 30898
Sheer elegance  This collection is created to relive the old luxurious environment, yet has refinement and relevance to modern times. These luminaires create an atmosphere of elegance, formality and detail. Fit for a regal home that speaks of status, designed tastefully to experi..
Save Rs 3,105.00 Rs 20,700.00 15% Off
Rs 17,595.00
Ex Tax:Rs 14,911.02
Brand: Philips Model: Philips 36902 Constellation pendant LED clear 1x
Indulge in the sparkling lustre of Philips myLiving Constellation LED suspension light. Made of beautifully crafted dimpled glass shade and premium faceted glass crystals, it enchants your home with a warm cozy glow   Highlight your elegance 36902 Constellation clear LED   Pr..
Save Rs 2,921.99 Rs 45,240.00 6% Off
Rs 42,318.01
Ex Tax:Rs 35,862.72
Brand: Philips Model: 37932
Express your style with light  Give your abode that regal look with this collection of floral semi-flushed ceiling and wall lights. Forged in the classical style from premium blown glass and steel, this collection is available 8 or 5 heads ceiling lights in bronze.  • Design..
Rs 9,927.99
Ex Tax:Rs 8,413.55
Brand: Philips Model: 40936
Luxury for your home  For those who value their family, heritage and culture and appreciate the craftsmanship and lifestyle of the bygone era.  Outline range brings back the warm memories of the past; traditions and cultures through designs inspired by craftsmanship, materials an..
Rs 44,266.99
Ex Tax:Rs 37,514.40
Brand: Philips Model: 581841
Sophisticated chandelier made of the choicest glass crystals in chrome finish to compliment your luxurious home Order Code: 919215850808..
Save Rs 5,692.50 Rs 37,950.00 15% Off
Rs 32,257.50
Ex Tax:Rs 27,336.86
Brand: Philips Model: 581842
Exclusive crystal pendant light in chrome finish for homes with a personality. Order Code: 919215850809..
Save Rs 7,972.50 Rs 53,150.00 15% Off
Rs 45,177.50
Ex Tax:Rs 38,286.02
Brand: Philips Model: 581843
French gold finish to add a touch of sparkle to your special house Order Code: 919215850810..
Save Rs 5,902.50 Rs 39,350.00 14% Off
Rs 33,447.50
Ex Tax:Rs 28,345.34
Brand: Philips Model: 581844
Sumptuous ivory gold finish crystal pendant to give an exclusive feeling to your house. Order Code: 919215850811..
Save Rs 6,727.50 Rs 44,850.00 14% Off
Rs 38,122.50
Ex Tax:Rs 32,307.20
Brand: Philips Model: 581845
Extraordinary crystals in an elegant stainless steel finish for that wondrous light spread. Order Code: 919215850812..
Save Rs 5,070.00 Rs 33,800.00 15% Off
Rs 28,730.00
Ex Tax:Rs 24,347.46
Brand: Philips Model: 581846
Finest crystals in superb chrome finish to add style to your house. Order Code: 919215850813..
Save Rs 6,727.50 Rs 44,850.00 14% Off
Rs 38,122.50
Ex Tax:Rs 32,307.20
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