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Philips Chandeliers

Philips Chandeliers
Brand: Philips Model: 581918
It takes more than soap and water to keep a person well-groomed. Choose this range for a bright and shiny look for yourself and your bathroom. Resistant to glass Choose your coordinated range for that clean, contemporary look. the combination provides maximum clarity with minimal glar..
Save Rs 1,073.93 Rs 9,990.00 10% Off
Rs 8,916.07
Ex Tax:Rs 7,960.78
Brand: Philips Model: Philips CHIFFON pendant white 1x40W 230V
Perfect to relax and socialize The living room is the heart of any home - a place where families gather to relax and guests socialise. Lighting for your living- and bedroom has to be flexible and easy to adjust to its different uses throughout the day. Careful placement of different light sour..
Rs 6,593.45
Ex Tax:Rs 5,587.67
Brand: Philips Model: 581853
Contemporary design made of superior pressed clear glass in chrome finish to brighten up your home. Order Code: 919215850820..
Save Rs 3,450.75 Rs 24,000.00 14% Off
Rs 20,549.25
Ex Tax:Rs 17,414.62
Brand: Philips Model: 581906
Sophisticated chandelier made of the choicest glass crystals in chrome finish to compliment your luxurious home Order Code: 919215850890..
Save Rs 4,545.82 Rs 35,990.00 12% Off
Rs 31,444.18
Ex Tax:Rs 26,647.61
Brand: Philips Model: 581904
Superior-grade crystals set in mirror stainless steel with chrome finish for refined decor. Order Code: 919215850888..
Save Rs 8,002.63 Rs 30,990.00 25% Off
Rs 22,987.37
Ex Tax:Rs 19,480.82
Brand: Philips Model: 581903
Finest crystals in superb chrome finish to add style to your house. Order Code: 919215850887..
Save Rs 8,519.06 Rs 32,990.00 25% Off
Rs 24,470.94
Ex Tax:Rs 20,738.09
Brand: Philips Model: 581901
Finest crystals in contemporary stainless steel finish for a royal look. Order Code: 919215850885..
Save Rs 6,934.75 Rs 54,900.00 12% Off
Rs 47,965.25
Ex Tax:Rs 40,648.52
Brand: Philips Model: 581886
Choicest crystals with chrome finish in a contemporary design for a modern feel. Order Code: 919215850866..
Save Rs 6,314.93 Rs 50,000.00 12% Off
Rs 43,685.07
Ex Tax:Rs 37,021.24
Brand: Philips Model: 581885
Choicest crystals with chrome finish in a grand heritage design for a royal feel Order Code: 919215850865..
Save Rs 5,684.47 Rs 45,000.00 12% Off
Rs 39,315.53
Ex Tax:Rs 33,318.24
Brand: Philips Model: 581884
Sumptuous ivory gold finish crystal pendant to give an exclusive feeling to your house. Order Code: 919215850864..
Save Rs 5,052.29 Rs 40,000.00 12% Off
Rs 34,947.71
Ex Tax:Rs 29,616.70
Brand: Philips Model: 581864
Finest crystals in contemporary stainless steel finish for a royal look Order Code: 919215850831..
Save Rs 6,038.86 Rs 42,000.00 14% Off
Rs 35,961.14
Ex Tax:Rs 30,475.54
Brand: Philips Model: 581863
Exclusive crystals in refined stainless steel finish to add glamour to your home. Order Code: 919215850830..
Save Rs 5,607.54 Rs 39,000.00 14% Off
Rs 33,392.46
Ex Tax:Rs 28,298.70
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