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Self Ship

Through are normal shipping process we use shipping Integrators like Ship rocket. They have pick and drop services for shipping of goods.

But there are other options through which customer can get their products shipped. 

  • Self-Pickup in which we charge no shipping fees. 
  • Self-Ship - in which customer can use their shipping service provider to pick up goods. In this case too we don't charge shipping.
  • Local Couriers/Bus/Railways/Transport- we can use these cheaper ways to ship your goods if the goods are too bulky or in case of bulk orders. In this case you pay as per actual of your shipping charge.
  • Express shipping- some time customers need express shipping in which case we can again send from suitable courier and charge customer accordingly.

Thus, we offer various ways in which customer can get their goods shipped to them. 

Please check our Official Payment details listed on our website to make sure you are paying to the Right Account

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