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Shipping Charges

We have Different shipping charges for different products as follows:-

  • Eliante by Jainsons lights that is our in-house brand has flat shipping and we have free shipping over products over 6000Rs.
  • For other Brands are we have a Flat 5% Shipping Charge on the products. For Bulky Items like Flood/Street light etc. we charge 10% Shipping.
  • We sell these products on very competitive prices with very sleek margins and bearing shipping cost is not possible for us. Thus if in case the actual shipping is more than what we charged you already,  we may ask you for the difference at the time of dispatch of goods.
  • Exact Shipping charges are very difficult to ascertain at the time of order. This is because the exact dimension & weight of the packed boxes are only known once the material is ready for dispatch after packing.
  • We also have a system of self pick up/self ship and pay shipping as per actual for the customers . To know more visit our Self Ship Page. 

Please check our Official Payment details listed on our website to make sure you are paying to the Right Account

Jainsons Lights Payment Details