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Svarochi Smart Sensor

Svarochi Smart Sensor
Svarochi Smart Sensor
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The Svarochi Smartplay sensor is meant to be used with Svarochi Master Controllers and Compatible Svarochi Lighting products. The Sensor has inbuilt PIR based Occupancy sensing and Daylight based Threshold lighting control. The Smartplay Sensor allows for Automatic Energy savings and control for Large Offices, Commercial Spaces, Educational Institutes and other Applications. Please note that the sensor is for Surface Mounting and has a slim profile and can also be installed on False ceilings and Grid ceiling tiles. The Sensor is designed only for indoor air conditioned space usage only (0° – 30° Celsius only) and in dust free environment only.


  • The Hold Time is the Time for the which the sensor holds the Lights on at full level after motion is detected. This means that when the sensor detects motion in the sensing area, it will keep the lights on for the selected Hold Time. Recommended setting for the Hold time is 15Min for Office areas.
  • The Sensor can identify day/ night using the Threshold Daylight sensor. The Sensor setting can be adjusted from 3 Lux – 2000 Lux. At 3 Lux it will switch on the lights only when it is completely dark. At 2000 Lux it will switch on the lights even in the day. Any intermediate setting can be selected based on user preference. Recommended setting for the Lux level Threshold is 300 Lux.
  • The Standby Light level can be set between 10%-30%. This is the lower Light level to which the sensor reduces the Light level after the Hold time (as set above in step 1) has lapsed. The Recommended Standby level for Office applications is 20%.
  • The Standby Hold Time is the Time for which the Sensor waits for Motion at the lower Light level as set. In case no motion is detected within the standby Hold Time, the sensor can switch off the Lights – This feature will work only if the Lighting Load is wired out from the sensor. In case of open plan offices, it is recommended to keep the standby hold time to . For other applications where switch off feature is required after standby and the wiring to lighting load has been done through the sensor, please set at 30 Min.
  • For the sensor Manual settings to work, please press RESET button on the Remote Control first


Power Source : 220-240V/AC

Power Frequency : 50Hz

Daylight Threshold sensor : <3-2000LUX (Adjustable)

Hold Time : Min.10sec±3sec



Rated Load : Upto 1000W LED Lighting Load

Stand-by Period : 5min, 10min, 15min, 30min, 60min, +∞

Detection Range : 360°

Detection Range : 50%, 75%, 100% (can be set)

Daylight Threshold sensor : <3-2000LUX (Adjustable)

Detection Distance : 6m Diameter when mounted at 2.5m

Working Temperature : 0°C to +30°C

Standby Power Consumption : ~ 2W

Installation Height : 2.2 - 4m

Detection Speed : 0.6-1.5m/s

Stand-by Dimming Level : OFF, 10%, 20%, 30% (can be set)

Product Specifications
Warranty 2 years
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Product Specifications
Warranty 2 years
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