UVC Table Lamp 38w with Remote - UVC Table Lamp 38w with Remote

-68% UVC Table Lamp 38w with Remote - UVC Table Lamp 38w with Remote

Order now the cheapest and best way to disinfect and safeguard against COVID-19.

UVC germicidal table lamp helps disinfect the air and the whole area and all its surfaces with all the viruses , bacterial and micro-organisms including COVID-19 thus it is the most effective , economical and easiest way to disinfect. Moreover it safes us form the harmful effect of strong chemicals and disinfectants. It can also be used on any food products, electronics , clothing , jewellery, currency , paper or any type of item which cannot be washed or sanitised by chemical

Model no – SQ-TD-01

Wattage – 38w

Cord length – 1.5 m

Dimensions :420x250mm

Input voltage – 220-240v-AC

Effective in disinfection of all kind of items from COVID-19 and other virus and bacteria.


An easiest and most effective way to disinfect the following

·      Vegetable, Fruits

·      Bread, other bakery products, packed food, take away cooked food.

·      Currency, wallets, purses

·      Mobile, laptop, tablets, camera and other electronic items

·      Car keys, and other keys

·      Googles, spectacles, watches, rings, bracelets and other jewellery

·      Office papers, books, newspaper, magazines etc


Especially very useful to disinfect for the items that cannot be washed or disinfected with chemical or alcohol-based disinfectants.




·      Purify the air and all the object in the space where the light is exposed 

·      Efficient and portable: anti-bac rate reaches 99%, removes and kills viruses, allergens, moulds, and effectively improves the living environment.

·      UVC is certified to Kill COVID-19 and other viruses .

·       Safe and durable: High-purity quartz glass tube means more durable, and its lamp life reaches 8000 hours.

·      Wide range of uses: can be used at home, school, kindergarten, hospital, etc.

·      360 degree  sterilization

·      With Remote control and Timer function for easy operation



·      Plug in the lamp for direct operation

·      Turn off or switch on from the remote

·      Use 3 timer settings 30/60/120 minutes

·      UVC lamp ruptures the RNA and DNA of the micro- organisms for good sterilization effect

·      Precaution UVC-rays exposure is harmful to humans, only operate in empty room.

·      Operation life of the lamp is 8000 burning hours.

·      UVC is safe for any object like clothing and all the food items.

The direction to use- open the box and plug in the table lamp then you can use the remote to set the timer for it operation.


Precaution of use – Germicidal UVC lamp emits radiation harmful to skin and eyes. Do not expose your skin or eyes to the light emitted from the lamp. Use the product in a empty  space with no human/animal in the visible distance of the lamp



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