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Why Choose Jainsons for Led Lights

Why choose Jainsons for LED lights?

At Jainsons lights, we strive to provide continuously better quality at ridiculously competitive prices for all our customers. You aren't likely to find a better collection of LED lights for any space. 


we have the following speciality when it comes to Led lights 

  • Customised Lighting Solutions: At Jainsons Lights, we offer lighting solutions rather than just selling products so every installation is optimised to customer's need
  • Production on Demand: we have a production on-demand model where we produce the product as per your requirement 
  • Standard Ranges: we have 4 standard ranges of 5/3/2/1 1 year guarantee to suit the requirement and budget of most customers 
  • Long Life: we use all high quality branded components in our products, so they have a running life of over 50k burning hours  
  • 5 Year Guarantee: We offer products till up to 5-year Guarantee so that customers can get full value from their purchase. 
  • Unconditional Guarantee: we always offer a conditional guarantee on our products and repair/replace them whatever is the cause of the malfunction
  • Special Guarantee: we offer a special guarantee also on our products that include lumen depreciation and colour shift guarantee that is not provided by most of the companies 
  • Repair post Guarantee: our focus is customer service and we offer repair on our products even after the Guarantee 
  • Personalised products: we offer another service where customers can choose any LED, any driver, any housing etc and custom made to order their products 
  • Products Development: We have a team of technical experts and help customer develop any new product they have in mind.
  • Smart Lighting: We are expert in Lighting integration with automation systems and also have many smart lighting systems with us. 

With over 4 decades of experience in the lighting domain, Jainsons lights is the one-stop-shop for all your LED lighting needs. Customer satisfaction remains a top priority for us at Jainsons, and we are sure that our LED lights are bound to leave you happy with your purchases and make you come back for more.